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three.sixty.five. Week 2

January 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Week 2 and I am still in it!  I have really been enjoying taking my camera everywhere with me. None of these photos would have existed if it weren't for this project.. For that, I am thankful :)


8 | 365
Headed home from our weekend celebrating with some gorgeous morning light



9 | 365
Finally back to the rountine after the holiday break. This winter the girls and I often go shopping while Emery is at school. I am a total sucker for Target, so we go there ALOT for "groceries" haha



10 | 365
When Beauty & the Beast are actually the same person you have Eleanor Lola... this photo captures her essence to a T. She is the girliest girl and a tom-boy all rolled up into the most perfect little person in the world.



11 | 365
These two LOVE books... today we went to the library and played while Em was at school. They picked out the coolest Dino book to bring home


12 l 365
It is rare that my ALL BOY 4 year old sits still for this long of his own accord. His school is hosting it's own auto show next week and each child is to make their own car to show off and relax in while enjoying a drive-in movie :)
Naturally, my child is not satisfied with any old "car". He decided that he wants to build a boat. He has been in his room for quite a long time drawing up the plans. I'm excited to see where his imagination goes with this one :)




13 | 365
Cousin time.  
We worked out in the yard for a bit after FINALLY getting some decent weather (22 degrees and partly sunny).  
When we came inside and the kids were talking about how cold their bottoms were and that it felt funny to sit on them. The term "butt store" was used more than once because they wanted to go there and get new ones



14 | 365
Putting the finishing touches on Valhalla (named after his favorite vessel)... All ready for the preschool auto show on Wednesday! 


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