Hi there, I’m Shannon.  I’m not only a photographer but also the mama of three amazing kiddos, Emery, Iona and Eleanor. If you look closely you may just see them in a photo or two.  We live in Wayne in a cozy 1940's bungalow with our two mutts, Hedwig & Cassius. They’re pretty sure they are humans so that makes 7of us now sharing one tiny bathroom. Yes, that’s what you call love!

Nothing would thrill me more than getting to know you and your family. But for now, here are a few tidbits about me…

•    I have a small obsession with typing smiley emoticons in my messages:).   Larry, my best friend and husband, recently jumped on the band wagon too
•    I turn bright red when embarrassed.
•    I laugh, A LOT.
•    I love everything crafty and make most of my own props
•    I’m happiest when I’m playing with my family.... nothing beats the laughter that escapes my children's mouths

Recently, with the birth of my own children, I realized that although I have enjoyed making pictures of everything, nothing can compare to the miracle of a new child and capturing how quickly they change and grow. From maternity to Senior photos, I love it all! I find myself so lucky to have pinpointed where my true passion lies and where my photography shines. I hope to share my vision with you and your family.

Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know a bit more about me.